Page 4 - CTS Unveiling 1st September 2017
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Bob Symns the aforementioned Chief Exec of PUFC
whilst a boyhood Spurs fan ‘gets POSH and has been a
massive help not just as a representative of the football
club but as a ‘normal’ POSH fan.

Late on and to help specifically with the unveiling day
we have used the organisational skills of Nilesh Patel
who does such amazing things for Sue Ryder which has
proved to be a wise move.

On the unveiling day we have been grateful to have the
services of Chris Dowsett as our Media Liaison.

The above have steered everything we have had to do to
get this amazing project completed, something so close
to all our hearts could have proved to be a bit of a chore
but it has been a pleasure to work with these people.

I would also like to thank Craig Matthews who was on
the committee at the beginning until the police called
for him and his Dad Barry who was responsible for the
fantastic tribute to Chris DVD he produced.

Lastly I would like to thank the wives and girlfriends or
both of all the committee members for their patience,
understanding and support throughout the whole project
and if I may especially my wife Caz.

Adi Mowles, Chairman CTSF

Now looking forward to the end of sleepless nights.
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