Page 3 - CTS Unveiling 1st September 2017
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When this project was first suggested and the very idea
just a dream, the first thing required was to find a group
of POSH fans with a knowledge of fund raising, event
organising, connections with local businesses and spare
time for the regular meetings. While girlfriends and wives
(or both) have had to be mollified at certain times an
excellent committee has been put together.

All those involved in the project are lifelong POSH,
with the only exception being the Chief Executive of
the football club! We accept he is POSH though just a
‘newbie’ of ‘only’ a couple of decades service.

I would like to personally pay tribute to the members of    with the help of his daughter Maddie kept the minutes
the committee who have been present at just about every     superbly.
meeting we have held which have been in the main every
fortnight since the inception of the project.               Paul Evers is the social media king who has raised
                                                            countless amounts via various sources as well as helping
Stephenson Smart kindly agreed to manage our                out in numerous other ways.
accounts and in Jonathan Head we have not only a
massive POSH fan but a superb accountant.                   Pete Norsted enjoys endless and boundless energy and
                                                            thankfully utilises it towards absolutely anything he is
Davide Broccoli of Blue Monkey Web Design has               asked to do.
designed and run our website as well as helping in the
design and publication of leaflets and the programme.       Bob Beales has been the link between ForeverPosh and
                                                            the committee and has helped us on our journey no end.
Mick Bratley has allowed us to use and abuse his
knowledge from his speedway days and the fund raising       Paul Donnelly as a personal long term friend of mine has
efforts required back then.                                 been the on the shoulder voice of reason I always need
                                                            and has been invaluable with his building knowledge.
Dean Hobbs has slowly morphed into our secretary and
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