Page 9 - CTS Unveiling 1st September 2017
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On a scorching hot day at Wembley over 27,000 POSH saw an
historic victory with King Kenny Charlery scoring both goals and
the inspirational captain Mick Halsall raised the trophy skywards
with a POSH scarf adorning Manager looking on proudly. The
performance that day summed up a Turner side, some good
football but when pulled back to 1-1 the true spirit showed through
and that amazing last minute goal sent everyone POSH into
raptures. What also said a lot about the club at that time was the
fact that with hundreds (although with the amount that’ll tell you
they were there that should be thousands) of fans celebrating in
Cathedral Square late, very late that night Chris and some of the
players turned up to thank the fans, join with them in some songs
and generally show that we were all as one on that historic day the
24th May 1992.

The next season the club finished a creditable 10th. In December
the next season Chris decided to call it a day as Manager and
handed the reigns to his assistant Lil Fucillo.This allowed Chris to
fulfil another ambition by heading a consortium to purchase the
football club and he became Chairman one year later and despite
ill health Chris took over as manager after Lil resigned, as ever
he put the fortunes of the club ahead of his own and whilst things
never reached the dizzy heights of previously he did what he
thought right for POSH.

In 1994 Chris became Chief Executive at London Road before
taking over as Sales Manager and hosting club guests in the
executive boxes. Chris finally departed from his various club duties
in May 2001 with the satisfaction that he had always done right by
the football club and at that moment there was nothing further he
could do.

A great leader on and off the pitch, a centre half who let nothing
past him, scored some wonderful goals, an inspirational captain
and a manager who took his club to heights they’d never dreamed
of. Who better to be honoured by the fans?
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